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The Story of Conservation Credits

There’s so much in store

Conservation credits are a unique financial tool that protects biodiversity and are more than simply carbon credits. They are alligned to projects of ecological significance, and support projects that need financial assistance.

Conservation credits are not an offset system. We simply believe in supporting projects that are doing great things.

Conservation credits are also recognizable to the community, encouraging participation in the projects and are a powerful tool for fundraising for worthy projects.

Each project is selected by our panel. We are looking for defined goals, measurable outcomes, an annual budget and sound management and governance.


Conservation Credit is a fundraising platform that focuses on helping protect the environment and wildlife. Our goal is to make supporting conservation projects easy and accessible to everyone. We give you the ability to make a difference with just a few clicks.

Each "Conservation Credit" you purchase buys a token endorsed with the project you choose and a listing on our supporters page to verify your support. All tokens are time stamped to indicate the year of your support. 

These can be displayed to demonstrate your businesses commitment to a regenerative future. We recommend putting a hyperlink on the token back to our website to verify your involvement in our platform.


Join us today and be part of the change.

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