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Everything you need to know

Conservation Credits is a fundraising platform dedicated to provide conservation projects with much needed financial support to help protect endangered species, restore habitats and support research.

What makes us unique is that we offer donations in the form of Conservation Credits, which are $500 units of a project’s annual budget. All contributions are verifiable and go directly to conservation action on the ground and are targeted to worthwhile conservation projects that need financial help. 


What is a conservation credit?

We provide a platform for individuals, businesses and organizations to donate funds to select conservation projects.

Our innovative Conservation Credit are tokens that are a unique way to show the world your commitment to conservation. Each token is dated and minted to a specific project, providing a tangible representation of your contribution to the cause.


We invite you to join us and help preserve our planet for future generations.


Do you sell gift cards?

Conservation credits can be gifted. We believe contributions to nature are a fantastic way to share a positive outlook. They make perfect business to business gifts, the giftee can post the token on their website to demonstrate their support of regenerative business practise.


What payment methods do you accept?

Conservation Credits accepts payments via Paypal and direct debit.

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